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Our mission

Improving the quality of foreign language teaching and learning processes by means of meaningful telecollaboration among peers: that is the aim of the European project Telecollaboration for Intercultural Language Acquisition (TILA).

The TILA project has been funded by the European Commission within the Lifelong Learning Programme (2013-2015) and continues since then.

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Innovation in language teaching

We want to innovate and enrich language teaching programmes at secondary schools and make them more motivating and effective by stimulating telecollaboration for intercultural awareness with peers of other cultures.

Teacher and learner empowerment

We empower language teachers and teacher trainers and contribute to the development of their ICT literacy skills and organisational, pedagogical and intercultural competences for telecollaboration, by promoting experiential learning in telecollaboration tasks development, implementation and evaluation.


By connecting schools, teachers and pupils in different countries through interactive online tools (video communication, virtual worlds, chat, forum, blogs and/or wikis), we provide an engaging environment for learning and practicing foreign language skills.

Promote intercultural understanding

Through telecollaboration in the language classroom, we aim to promote intercultural awareness and understanding in our pupils.

Our tools

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An engaging 3D virtual world where pupils can work together in a closed environment.

Big Blue Button

Video communication software that allows voice chat, text chat and document sharing - all at the same time.

TILA Moodle learning environment

A rich learning environment filled with resources and telecollaboration tools.


Learn about open access resources from the TILA project.

  • Teacher Guides

    Learn how to use our telecollaboration tools

    Our Teacher Guides have been developed to help language teachers develop and use telecollaboration tools and get started with TILA.

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  • Best Practices

    Read and learn what works best

    Our Best Practices show you what works best when incorporating telecollaboration in your language classroom.

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  • Sample Tasks

    See some of the tasks we developed

    Learn about developing tasks for telecollaboration through sample tasks and clear instructions.

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Who we are

These institutions are part of the TILA Consortium.

The TILA Consortium works with schools in Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland and Great Britain.

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